A special shout out goes to all those involved with our first ever video! Thank-you for all the love & support, it was a blast & we hope to do it again very soon! Stewart, Sarah + the crew.. thank-you so much for your incredible generosity, www.gtaexotics.ca /  Neal.. U DA MAN! (tito boy approves) www.titoboyapproved.com / Dave... keep on fistpumpin! www.davidgtran.com / Navin, Curtis, Mnraj, Ammar, Samantha, Ken & the posse... mad respect! Cindy & Ieva.. HOT! www.conniecindyc.com / Sebastian & Cooper... thanks for opening your door! www.stephensonselectronics.com / Igor & Mel.. 1 love, www.krownlakeshore.com / the french connection Stefan and Jesus... vive le Quebec! Richard, Jesse, Daniel, Steve, PJ, Justin @ the HOX - familia! www.thehoxton.ca / SuHan...  bless your heart, www.behance.net/suhan_hanifa / Chris & James... u guys are so sick! www.backstage-tv.com / Funky J, Avery Aves, Jazzy Jazz, Gingy, Tita Leaann, Gramma, Grampa... love u! Babycakes, Lylabear, Jazmoon & the fam, xoxo! - last but not least, thank-you God for granting us the gift to make music.

... & to all you FISTPUMPERS who are Viewing, Sharing & Liking the video!

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